My name is Amanda and my journey in life is to help give back to people who deserve a little help in life sometimes.

I want to give 10% of all my profit back into a person in need. The more I sell the more I help. Every round of clothes sold someone new will be helped!

Below is my story and how I ended up where I am today! Why helping as many people through this brutal but amazing thing called life is my reason!

I have always struggled with feeling an abundance of joy and happiness. I never felt like I could do enough or be enough. No true reason why. I lived a blessed life.

Later in life (26 years old) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto. A thyroid disorder that terrified me. What I discovered is my depression and mood swings came from this specific autoimmune.

I went along life treated it all naturally and kept it at bay, but I still struggled with severe highs and lows. Pms was brutal, I never had a cycle and my body felt weak all the time.

In 2017 I was at a point in my life I wanted to have a baby so I went for it, and I had a miscarriage. Pretty much the absolute worst thing I have ever been through. In my mind “THE ONE THING A WOMAN IS BIOLOGICALLY SUPPOSED TO DO I COULDN’T” My actual body couldn’t hold onto a baby . It completely broke me. This was the one and only thing that stripped every ounce of my strength away.

A couple months later I started experiencing severe pain in my feet. It felt like someone was shattering my bones in my feet. Then my elbows, hands, wrists and every joint started to flare up and show physical changes. I had red and inflamed joints. That is when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I was in a dark place and felt completely defeated.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse it did. I was experiencing the worst pelvic pain… It felt like someone was taking a fire torch on my insides. If you have ever been burned…. times it by 5 and that is how bad it was. I was bloated constantly… it was a year before anyone could diagnose me. I was then diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. PAINFUL BLADDER SYNDROME.

So hashimoto, psoriatic arthritis and interstitial cystitis.


During all this time my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. My dad is my favorite person so this was just not something I could handle, but I did the best I could.

I kept asking myself…. WHY IS THIS ALL HAPPENING?? Why…?

The reason is I had a purpose bigger than myself and I needed to experience some lessons in life in order to pursue my calling. I am thankful for everything I have been given… why because it has brought me here…

I was a personal trainer trying to change lives. That wasn’t enough for me… I took over the gym… still wasn’t enough for me… I bought the commercial building still wasn’t enough for me… starting a clothing line and podcast and that is where I am now lol…… I run a group training program, Rock Steady Boxing which is a program designed to help those diagnosed with Parkinson’s fight back, a youth athlete program, senior fitness program… all while still personal training close to 30 clients!

During all this crazy I met the love of my life. He literally came into my life and helped pick up several broken pieces and put them all back in place. He loved me through my months of what some call healing… but I call it moving on. I was learning to be okay with not being okay. We were each other’s rock through some crazy stuff. Our lives collided and it created one hell of a relationship. He is my person and now my forever, my husband. He also has been my biggest support system at the gym. Without him nothing would be operating. He might not expect any recognition but he deserves every ounce of it.

I met a really cool doctor, a mentor and a wonderful friend. He helped me understand there was something bigger than me that needed to be addressed. I thought he was slightly nuts at first, but then I opened my mind to his advice. Still a work in progress, but mastering the mind is the most powerful tool you can have and I thank him for that. He helped my physical symptoms too and truly understood what to do to help fix me! His name is John Cassone  Reach out if you need any type of help!

Purposeful clothing is another branch of my life I hope brings a purpose to each and every person who buys a piece of clothing. When you wear it, touch it, feel it you will remind yourself of a person you have helped.

A purpose bigger than you is what defines true happiness!